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Oh my goodness, I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this post! I’ll start with this: I have always wanted to live in the south and photograph weddings on plantations, farms, and beaches. I just love the southern atmosphere, and being stuck up here in freezing cold Chicago only┬ámakes my wanting to do […]

Spring 2014


Finally!! I can’t even tell you how uplifting it was to actually see some proof of SPRING after this awful winter. I live right by Lilacia Park in Lombard, and was able to stop by there for a few minutes yesterday to see the lilacs and tulips in full bloom…take a deep breath, let it […]

Jason and I are so excited to finally share the news that we’ll be welcoming our 3rd child early this spring :) We don’t know the sex yet, but trust me, when I know, everyone will know! Here’s a recent picture of my belly and our little nugget: I know, a crappy cell phone picture […]

Randy and Kayde got married a few months ago this past May, and will be celebrating 3 months of marriage this August :) Randy is my husband’s cousin, and when we traveled down to Virginia Beach, VA this past week, him and Kayde opened their home to our family and welcomed us (and our crazy […]

I have been so so so excited to share this blog post! My sister in law and her boyfriend have been together for just a little over 2 and a half years, and have had no professional pictures taken together yet…so I knew when we were visiting on vacation that we had to do a […]