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Samantha and David!!! These two high school sweethearts are just the cutest together – and David was smitten from the start; from the first moment he saw her in class he was head over heels :) Their GORGEOUS outdoor wedding was held at the stunning Armour House in Lake Forest, Illinois. It was our first […]

Sara and Jim are two of the nicest people, and are so amazing together!! We just adore Sara’s family, and have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph her sister and cousin’s wedding over the past five years, so we’ve gotten to know them all and we are just so fond of them!! While Sara and […]

I’ve been SO excited about Rocky and Cody’s wedding this year!!!! They had planned a smaller wedding from the start, so covid didn’t derail any plans thankfully! They were our first full wedding of this year, and it felt so good to be back doing what we love, with the most amazing clients!! Rocky and […]

Molly and Michael!!! These two are downright amazing together, and I’ve been looking forward to their wedding day all year :) Their personalities match each other perfectly, and I loved seeing that play out throughout their day. From them both getting teary eyed while reading letters to each other in the morning – to Michael […]

Laura and Paul!! These two are so unbelievably sweet together! They immediately put you at ease, and exude a joy when they are together that everyone around them can feel :) Family means the world to both of them, and it was such a blessing and just happy day for them coming together in marriage […]