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Sarah + Stephen Wedding I Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Chicago Wedding Photographer


Sarah and Stephen have been together almost 11 years(!!). After meeting one summer in high school, they fell for each other, and have spent the last 10 years creating a relationship shared of things they love: travel, adventure, and different cultures; creating amazing memories together (I mean he proposed right before they went on a trip to Ireland – which is where they are on their honeymoon right now!!)

They wanted their wedding to have a classic, east coast feel, and chose the Morton Arboretum not only for the backdrop, but because it’s a very special place that the two of them have spent countless hours wandering the grounds together.

This was one of those weddings that I cried, and then cried again, and then just kept my camera in front of my face so that no one could see that I was joyfully weepy. I’ve known both Sarah and Stephen for a long time, Stephen since 6th grade and Sarah since we were on dance team in high school together. We have a lot of mutual lifelong friends, and being around all of these wonderful people for this amazing occasion was almost too much for my mushy heart to bear. I absolutely loved this wedding, and cannot wait to share these images. So let’s get on with it! :)

I had to end this with the one picture that Sarah wanted, but the Arboretum wouldn’t allow: the sparkler exit! I was able to go to the rehearsal dinner the night before, and this is my favorite shot from the night :) Congratulations you two!!


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  1. Sarah Morgan says:

    To say that we are obsessed with these pictures would be the biggest understatement of the century! Thank you for letting us relive the best day of our lives through your pictures. We could not be happier with the outcome.

  2. Steve Morgan says:

    I am absolutely blown away by these pictures. They look incredible. Thank you so much for capturing our favorite people, at our favorite place.

  3. Mary says:

    These pictures are breathtaking. I am so in love with them!!! You captured the love Steve and Sarah share perfectly!!!! This made my day!!!

  4. Emily Stine says:

    These pictures are AMAZING and truly capture the genuine love and laughter shared by all that day!

  5. Katie Johnson says:

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Love every single one of them. You did an amazing job!

  6. Amanda says:

    Katie, you did such an incredible job with these photos. You have such a natural talent and it really shines in each photo. Wedding photography is not easy, but you made the experience fun and special for each one of us. Thank you for giving us all something so wonderful to remember this special day.

  7. Kirby Shotwell says:

    I think my favorite is the one at the ceremony with Mary in focus wiping a tear while Sarah is clearly hardly back her own tears. *precious* It’s those moments that dream weddings are made of (for me anyway). I love you two and am so happy for you! We celebrated from afar and CHEERS to the beautiful couple for many many years together. <3

  8. Caroline Johnson says:

    Katie, These are absolutely stunning pictures! You brought out in pictures how much these two truly love and adore each other!!!

  9. Tessa Trach says:

    The pictures are gorgeous! The angles of view are so creative and flattering. I keep looking at the pictures again and again. What a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple!

  10. David Johnson says:

    Katie: You pictures are phenomenal: You do us Johnson’s Justice! actually, you do us all a little better than that but why not take some of the credit myself!

  11. Drew Holitik says:

    What a unique, and spot-on perspective you have!! You repeatedly captured the essence of the occasion as well as the beauty of the day, and both exude utter joy and excitement with every click of the shutter.

    I’d love to have some of these to post on our website, with photo credit of course! Please let me know, Drew. 773-259-8299

  12. Barbara says:

    Ms. Salvatori, Your photos make me want to get married all over again just so that I could hire you to be my photographer! Artistic perspective that captures the beauty of the event, the exquisite setting, and the happy couple.

  13. Jan Morgan says:

    Katie thank you so much for these incredible photos. You captured beautiful, touching and fun, carefree moments that reflect Steve and Sarah perfectly.

  14. Lucas sieloff says:

    Wow! Incredible job on the photos. you guys did an amazing job!

  15. Chad Lindsey says:

    Great pics! I have to say the ones of you all in the woods were my favorites. Congrats to all.

  16. Martha Idler says:

    You captured an amazing evening beautifully! What a wonderful gift they will always have!

  17. Beth Rosch says:

    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful wedding! Beautiful couple!

  18. Rob Newman says:

    Great photos of a priceless event…

  19. Eddy Wagoner says:

    Incredible pictures and perspectives. Really captures the essence of the day.

  20. Chelsey Miller says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! What a beautiful wedding! And Katie you captured it flawlessly, of course! Congrats Sarah and Steve!

  21. Kelsey says:

    these photos are gorgeous! they totally capture the beautiful event that Steve and Sarah had!

  22. Kelly Turner says:

    Phenomenal job capturing how truly personal every aspect of Sarah & Steve’s big day was! Truly incredible!

  23. Lori hintzelman says:

    These pictures could not be more amazing!! Love how they show how romantic, exciting and fun the day was! Congrats again!!

  24. Megan Hartnett says:

    These pictures are absolutely amazing and show just how special the day was and what an amazing couple Steve and Sarah are. Amazing job!!!!

  25. Jerry says:

    Great pictures! Excellent work!

  26. Candace Monroe says:

    Gorgeous bride! Gorgeous wedding! Gorgeous pictures! :)