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Chantal and Alex!!! These two have been together for 4 years, and love to have FUN! They completely enjoy each other’s company, and put anyone around them at ease immediately :) I love how easy going they are together, and how quickly they are able to make each other laugh! We had such a beautiful […]

Rachel and Jimmy!! These two cuties met in high school and became BEST friends! It wasn’t until college that they started dating, but once they got together it was clear that this was IT for them :) One of my favorite things about couples who have known each other for so long, is how involved […]

Corie and David!! These two went to high school together but never actually knew each other, then fortuitously reconnected later in life and fell in love! They are blending their beautiful families together, and wanted to incorporate their children into their engagement session :) With their love of the outdoors and being together as a […]

Angela and John!! These two cuties met through Angela’s brother, and after initially becoming great friends, they started dating :) Their families are super close, and the love just being around each other. Within the first 5 minutes of being together for their engagement session, they were already SO at ease and laughing and joking […]

Angela and Doug!! These two met through mutual friends by chance at a music festival. They love the outdoors and love doing wine tastings together. I had so much fun with them out at the Morton Arboretum a few weeks ago to celebrate their engagement. They are just so sweet together, and I loved the […]