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Rachel and Justin!!!!! We’ve known Justin for forever, he’s been such a good friend to both Jason and I for years and years and years!! When Justin met Rachel, it was SO clear how much joy there is between them. They have so much fun together, and truly love each other. Their beautiful wedding day […]

Justin and Rachel!!!!!! Jason and I have known Justin for what feels like forever!! He’s always been such a wonderful person to be around; when he met Rachel you could instantly tell that these two were made for each other :) It has been such a great joy to see their relationship develop over the […]

Lauren and Andrew!!!! These two cuties met in law school, and that’s where these self-professed nerds fell in love :) I love seeing these two together; they LOVE to laugh, have such wonderful personalities and compliment each other perfectly!! While covid moved their winter wedding to next year, they still wanted to have their ceremony […]

Ann and Jonathan!! These two were supposed to have their wedding last April, and everything shut down due to covid a month before their wedding date. They held out though, and were finally married last month!! Their beautiful day started with an intimate ceremony at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Naperville. We then […]

Laura and Derek were supposed to have their wedding this past July, but covid had other plans – and since love is NOT cancelled – these two exchanged their vows in the spring! They wanted to celebrate their marriage with a wedding session at the same spot we had planned on for their wedding day, […]