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Katherine Salvatori

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When Chloe and Mike met for the first time, they instantly had a connection! These two lovebirds are the epitome of the joyful, giddy, totally in-love-kind-of-love :) Their beautiful wedding day was held at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, and even though it rained in the morning, the skies cleared just for them for the […]

Alison and Rob!!!! These two are some of the sweetest, most genuine people out there!! Their wedding plans changed a few times due to covid, but what it ended up being could not have been more perfect for them! They decided what is better than to be with the people they love in the comfort […]

Vanessa and Frank met when Frank’s sister (who also happened to be Vanessa’s close friend) decided to play matchmaker and see if they would hit it off like she thought they would. So in 2016 in a Jewel parking lot, these two met for the first time and went on their first date shortly after. […]

Lisa and Adam!!! I absolutely love how sweet these two are together!! They are a perfect match for one another; each able to make the other laugh just at the right time, or provide a caring hug or loving glance at just the right time :) Their beautiful wedding day was held at the stunning […]

Colleen and Michael met in college, he played basketball and she played volleyball so they were constantly around each other and one day sparks flew and they’ve been together ever since! :) These two are so delightful together – they love to have fun, joke, laugh, and are still so supportive loving and caring with […]