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Vanessa and Frank met when Frank’s sister (who also happened to be Vanessa’s close friend) decided to play matchmaker and see if they would hit it off like she thought they would. So in 2016 in a Jewel parking lot, these two met for the first time and went on their first date shortly after. […]

Lisa and Adam!!! I absolutely love how sweet these two are together!! They are a perfect match for one another; each able to make the other laugh just at the right time, or provide a caring hug or loving glance at just the right time :) Their beautiful wedding day was held at the stunning […]

Colleen and Michael met in college, he played basketball and she played volleyball so they were constantly around each other and one day sparks flew and they’ve been together ever since! :) These two are so delightful together – they love to have fun, joke, laugh, and are still so supportive loving and caring with […]

Jim talked about marrying Margaret very early on in their relationship. Seeing how they are completely head over heels for each other┬ástill, it only makes sense. One of the things that stood out to me was when I was photographing their wedding rings, and realized that Margaret’s thumb print is engraved on the outside of […]

Annie and Frankie are high school sweethearts, and it is so refreshing and amazing to see how much they are still in love with each other after so many years together; seriously, I am SO SO excited for you to see these photos – the way that they look at each other, Annie’s adorable laugh, […]