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I visited St. James Farm about a month ago with my family and absolutely fell in love with it. When Suzy and Roger were up for going there to take their engagement photos, to say I was thrilled would be a major understatement. They were the perfect couple for this setting, and they have such […]

Jocelyn and Davin have been together for 10 years. Their wedding ceremony was held on June 11th (my husband and I share the same wedding date with them!), in Jamaica (yes, Jamaica!!). With their love of animals and nature, it was only fitting to have their reception and celebration of their marriage at the Brookfield […]

Taylor and Craig met in college and quickly became friends, but they didn’t realize the love that was there until a few years later when they both moved to Chicago. As Taylor put it, “the friendship that we had built over the years turned into a love that I never expected, and can’t live without.” […]

Kelly and Rory are adorable. The really lovey dovey truly in love kind of adorable. It is always fun for me when I get to photograph two people truly in love, because there is barely any work involved. I just get to let them be themselves, and that is easy and beautiful to watch. We […]

Annie and Nick are one of the most considerate, thoughtful, and caring couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. There is a calmness and peace about them that radiates not only in how they treat each other, but those around them. Nick and Annie, Jason and I were so blessed to be a part […]