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Jessica and Joe are such opposites but compliment each other so well. Joe loves the outdoors, especially fishing and bird watching (and I loved that he brought his canoe to the session!!), while Jessica is more of an indoors girl that loves reading. They pull the best out of each other, and are so adorable […]

Marissa and Ryan were set up by family a few years ago. When I first met with them, they had just become newly engaged a few weeks earlier, and they still had that lovebirds glow about them. They are so cute together, and since they are getting married at Cantigny golf club next summer, they […]

Lauren and Matt live in the area right across Belmont Harbor in Chicago, and they wanted their engagement session to have that feel of the city they love. We spent some time with their sweet dog finley, and then took a walk around their neighborhood. Lauren and Matt are so laid back, kind, and caring […]

Jen and Willy are awesome. I’m fairly certain them and I giggled through this entire session. They are such good natured, caring, and genuine people – who happen to be head over heels for each other. It is sessions like this that make me absolutely love my job, that leave me feeling uplifted and super […]

Sarah and Stephen have been together almost 11 years(!!). After meeting one summer in high school, they fell for each other, and have spent the last 10 years creating a relationship shared of things they love: travel, adventure, and different cultures; creating amazing memories together (I mean he proposed right before they went on a […]