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Janelle and Ivan are very romantic, and were so excited about getting their engagement photos done that it made my job SUPER easy! It ended up being about 60 and sunny the day of their session, which made for a gorgeous sunlit night at Cantigny in Wheaton. Their wedding is coming up this May, and […]

Colleen and Samir are the CUTEST. Maybe it’s because they’ve been together for over 7 years, maybe it’s because they’re totally comfortable with each other, and maybe it’s because they’re both gorgeous :) Either way, it was so much fun spending Sunday afternoon with the two of them at Cantigny in Wheaton. AND we totally […]

Kelly and Rory are adorable. The really lovey dovey truly in love kind of adorable. It is always fun for me when I get to photograph two people truly in love, because there is barely any work involved. I just get to let them be themselves, and that is easy and beautiful to watch. We […]

Rebekah and Jonathan have an ADORABLE (and growing!) family – 4 kiddos and 1 on the way (and they are outnumbered by girls at the moment – just like my sister). Rebekah won our giveaway from last August, and we met up at Cantigny for some fun fall family pictures. Enjoy!

Sarah and Adam have become good friends of Jason and I these past few months. We’ve been going to church together for a few years now, but we recently started a bible study together each week and I have LOVED getting to know them. We went out for a quick fall family session yesterday, and […]