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Janelle + Ivan Engagement / Cantigny, Chicago Engagement Photographer


Janelle and Ivan are very romantic, and were so excited about getting their engagement photos done that it made my job SUPER easy! It ended up being about 60 and sunny the day of their session, which made for a gorgeous sunlit night at Cantigny in Wheaton. Their wedding is coming up this May, and I’m so excited for them and their marriage that they’re embarking on! Please enjoy the pics!



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  1. Daisy Diaz says:

    Beautiful pictures you did an awesome job.

  2. Robb Davidson says:

    YUM!!!!! SO GREAT!

  3. Jaslyn Diaz says:

    Wow these are amazing!! So beautiful!

  4. Janelle says:

    We love our pictures! Thanks so much ♡

  5. griselda ramos says:

    These pictures are so beautiful!

  6. Anabel says:

    Lovely pictures! Congrats Ivan and Janelle ;)

  7. Felipa says:

    Muy bonitas fotos me gusto mucho el lugar

  8. Tania says:


  9. Nabor Diaz says:

    Very nice pictures. Congrats!

  10. Mirella Diaz says:

    Great pictures guys!

  11. Briana says:

    so adorable! :)

  12. Fabian Martinez says:

    The pictures came our great! Congrats Ivan and Janelle

  13. Ivan says:

    Katherine, you have some serious talent. Not saying that just to say it you are amazing at what you do. A million thanks to you. Blew my expectations away! Definately a memorable experience overall.

  14. Faby says:

    Amazimg pictures!

  15. Karina says:

    Beautiful Pictures! congrats Primos!

  16. jennifer duarte says:

    These pictures are beautiful congratulations on your engagement.

  17. Alberto says:

    Beautiful pictures primo!

  18. Miguel Marin says:

    You guys look great in those pictures! The photographer also did her job vey well

  19. Ana says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Cute Couple!!! Congrats!!

  20. Jennifer Duarte says:

    beautiful pictures congratulations on the engagement

  21. Julissa Chaidez says:

    Nice pictures we need this photographer in Reno,NV! You guys look cute :)

  22. Juan Ayala says:

    Congratulations Primo

  23. ana says:

    very romantic pictures of you two love birds ! loved them all!

  24. Adriana Longoria says:

    Muy bonitas fotos! Felicidades Ivan & Janelle muchas bendiciones♥

  25. sandra says:

    The pictures came out great :)

  26. Jon says:

    These are some very nice pictures of you two. Hopefully I can get this photographer too.

  27. Mabe Ramos says:

    Your pictures came out great!! Congrats Janelle & Ivan…….

  28. araceli r. says:

    great pictures Janelle and Ivan!
    and great job to the photographer as well ^.^

  29. Criselda Carrera says:

    These are beautiful!!!

  30. Alexis says:

    They came out beautifully! Captures the true moment and meaning of love! The best to the both of you! You and ivan make a perfect couple! Every picture I want to like and comment on but I guess I can only do this comment this way. I love the picture of the thing where its blown up to capture the full look. Amazing! All pictures are amazingly done so well! Love you guys!

  31. gilberto ramos says:

    very nice picture congrats jane and ivan

  32. Gaby says:

    The pictures look amazing .

  33. Samuel says:

    Beautiful Pictures ! congratulations Primos!

  34. Tony Kletsos says:

    Awesome pictures

  35. Bere says:

    I love the piks. Contrats you guys. Can’t wait for you special day :)

  36. José Díaz says:

    Beautiful pictures , they capture the moment in a very nice way….you can tell love is present.CONGRATULATIONS

  37. Kari says:

    As everyone has said, these photographs are truly beautiful. Through the pictures you can see a love that is true, and full of passion and caring. Congratulations to the both of you. I wish you the best as you embark on your new journey.

  38. Jessica Ramos says:

    Luv the pics!!!!

  39. patty says:

    Very beautiful pictures! Love every pose and all mother nature had for both… this day for your pics to he taken. Great work! ♥VERY ROMANTIC…

  40. Brianna says:

    Omg, I have chills bc these are so cute.
    So precious ♥

  41. Violeta says:

    Pictures Are Amazing. Congrats Ivan y Janelle. God Bless <3

  42. Nancy says:


  43. They are all lovely,but I like the ones with both faces looking forward at the camera,close-up!

  44. Yasmin says:

    Very Beautiful pictures.. You Guys Look Amazing. Congratulations!!!!

  45. kinga says:

    These photos are so beautiful, the ones with the leaves in the air are my favorite.

  46. Violeta says:

    Pictures look Fantastic! Felicidades Ivan Y Janelle. Dios Los Bendiga <3

  47. junior says:

    Nice pictures!!!

  48. arturo says:

    Congratulations the pictures came out nice.

  49. Jesica Leon says:

    Super excited for you both! Everything was meant to be, and may the beautiful new chapter begin. Congratulations! Wedding time!YAY.

  50. Matt says:

    awsome pictures

  51. liz says:

    Nice pictures…cute couple…congrats!

  52. Carolina castaneda says:

    Beautiful! !!

  53. Kinga Szopinska says:

    These photos are beautiful! The ones with the leaves are my favorite, they look all enchanting like in Pocahontas! :)

  54. Willis says:

    Looking sharp Ivan!

  55. Lorena says:

    Great pictures! Congrats to the beautiful couple.

  56. Jesus Ceja says:

    Such precious memories beautifully captured!

  57. Javi Carrillo says:

    Nice pics!!

  58. Aiden Carrillo says:

    They look great guys! Awesome job

  59. Pancho Veras says:

    Si ven muy bonitos, quiero una copia!

  60. Yasiel puig says:

    Ehhhh se ven muy bien!!

  61. Oscar says:

    Muy bonitas suerte

  62. Joe says:

    Love the pictures. Photographer did a great job.

  63. Sammy cano says:

    Congrats cuz!