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St. Andrews Golf Club Wedding Photos, West Chicago Wedding Photographer / Brittnie + Matt


Brittnie and Matt are two of the most deeply in love people I’ve ever met. You can see it in every interaction they have with each other, and that love had everyone at the wedding crying (and crying and crying) the whole day :) The love that these two families have for Brittnie and Matt was astounding as well.  Their beautiful ceremony and reception were held at the amazing St. Andrews Golf and Country Club in West Chicago. From their first look to their ceremony overlooking the lake, everything was perfect and we managed to escape the rain (it held off just for them!!).  Brittnie’s dress is a one of a kind and you will just fall over when you see how pretty and elegant it is!! Their amazing cake from Oak Mill bakery was also one of the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen. We loved everything about this wedding, but especially the emotion and deep care and love everyone had for each other. Please enjoy the pics!!



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  1. Sis Brocksome says:

    Omg soooooo beautiful love all of them

  2. Mary Obermeyer Turko says:

    The are absolutely beautiful….

  3. Darlene Sparks says:

    Never saw two people so much in Love. Absolutly Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Olivia Zawacki Gray says:

    Wow, beautiful photography! And thank you so much for posting!!! You have captured Matt and Brittnie’s essence! I cannot stop looking at these.

  5. Aimee Briggs says:

    Love it! Such beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple! <3

  6. Coreen Dunton says:


  7. Dianne Goray says:

    These pictures are gorgeous Brittnie and Matt!!! I will definitely look into this photographer for my wedding.

  8. Joanna says:

    Pretty dress!!

  9. Leann Bonfiglio says:

    Beautiful photos! You guys had such a great day! Loved it!

  10. Christina Ann Hernandez says:

    Amazing pics

  11. Leah Brocksome says:

    In love with these pictures…my B-E-A-UTIFUL daughter and my most handsome son-in-law…

  12. Christine Scios West says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! You captured the true meaning of love with every picture you took of Brittnie and Matt!!! Would highly recommend this photographer!!

  13. Rex Gray says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures. What a beautiful Wedding Day and Location. Matthew and Brittnie look like a story book couple. Everything about the Wedding was amazing and wonderful. As the Father of the Bride said in his speech … WOW! It just doesn’t get any better than this! Great Wedding, Great Couple, Great Food, Great Day, Great Decorations, Great Atmosphere, Equals “Totally Awesome!”

  14. Stephanie Vackicev says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos! As a member of the bridal party it was fun to work with the photographers. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire day and truly captured the moment!

  15. Constance Stoneberg says:

    GORGEOUS pictures-I felt like I was there. So true & real!

  16. Bailie Brocksome says:

    My beautiful sister and my new handsome brother♡ I loved your wedding nd these photos just capture every perfect moment ♡

  17. Bailie Marie Brocksome says:

  18. Kelly Vandenbeldt says:

    Beautiful photos…great photography.

  19. Christina Marie says:

    Beautiful wedding. Beautiful photos! ❤️

  20. Christina houser says:


  21. Berny & Barb Santowski says:

    The pictures truly capture the magic of the day down to every last little detail. Our son and new daughter-in-law make the most beautiful couple we have ever seen; so happy and truly in love with each other.

  22. Samantha Brocksome says:

    My sister and new brother are soo perfect together these pictures are gorgeous and flawless. I can’t get over this amazing photography, you guys are amazing!!

  23. Stephanie Bavetta says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning!! Congratulations to the beautiful newlyweds! :)

  24. Julie Lindberg says:

    Love these awesome photos. Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!♡♡

  25. Stephanie says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos! As a member of the bridal party it was fun to work with the photographers. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire day and truly captured the moment!

  26. Vivian Vargas says:

    This was fairytale wedding.
    Brittney you were one beautiful princess walking down the isle to meet your handsome Prince Charming. Beautiful pictures, that makes us remember a wonderful night full of magic and love

  27. Deana Mueller says:

    Every picture is beautiful. Brittnie and Matt look amazing. My daughters, my peanut and my nieces are beautiful. My nephew is so handsome too.

  28. Paige Morris says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Congrats!!

  29. Sarah Sanchez says:

    Wow all of you guys looked absolutely beautiful and these pictures are amazing, congratulations to both you. Wishing you love and happiness!!!

  30. Amy Gray Judge says:

    Beautiful pictures! They really capture how in love you two are.

  31. Rikki Mendoza says:

    Congratulations! You looked absolutely beautiful Brittnie! The pictures look amazing!

  32. Sarah Madden says:

    Pictures are amazing! Congrats again!

  33. Kayla Wilk says:

    You two are too cute. I love these pictures. I want her if I ever get married lol

  34. Christina Lynn says:

    Brittanie, these pictures are absolutely wonderful. You can clearly see how happy you are to be married to him! Your photographer is simply amazing! Everything turned out beautiful! Wishing you many, many years of true happiness!

  35. Kat says:

    Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  36. Mariah Davies says:

    Beautiful photos!!! Congrats to the Mr&Mrs!!

  37. Danielle Pontarelli says:

    So beautiful!!!

  38. Paul Abbinante says:

    I’m glad I decided to vacation to Chicago for this event! It was truly a heart-warming experience and I’m so happy we have these photos as memories :)

  39. Ruth Hoag Ostrander says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding!

  40. Alivia says:

    Beautiful wedding! Congratulations to you both!!!! :)

  41. Richard Brocksome says:

    Just beautiful!!!

  42. Terry Morrill says:

    Beautiful pictures! I love the black and white photos!

  43. Amy Ruelle Turko says:

    What a beautiful wedding!!! We had such a wonderful time!

  44. Jane says:

    Beautiful wedding & the photography is out of this world..

  45. Gloria Jean Peterson says:

    fabulous pictures…so captured the love and passion in their day

  46. Tina AvIles says:

    I love all the pictures. What a beautiful wedding. May God bless your marriage.

  47. Mike says:

    Pictures were great. We took so many. Photographers were so helpful in everything not just the pictures

  48. J Avello says:

    So beautiful! You captured the day beautifully. <3

  49. Erica Santowski says:

    Every picture came out immaculate !! So pretty. The photographer did an amazing job!

  50. Dan Vanderkelen says:

    Pictures are soooooooooooo Beautiful. Congratulations to the both of you!

  51. Matt Santowski says:

    I can’t believe how amazing and beautiful everything turned out. You truly captured not only the beauty of everything that day, but the complete happiness and joy that we both felt. You can see it in every single picture. Thank you so much.

  52. Sarah says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  53. Eddie Sancen says:

    Beautiful photos!

  54. Abelina says:

    So buatiful pic! congratulations to the both of you..

  55. Stacy Doerre says:

    Wow your photos captured everything! Beautiful bride/groom, the venue looks amazing! No wonder everyone was in tears!! Just beautiful! These will be amazing memories to have forever!

  56. Christina says:

    These pictures are AMAZING! Great job capturing the beautiful people in them. So much love!!!

  57. Vanessa says:

    These are amazing photos! Blessings to you and your marriage.

  58. Linda Kleveno says:

    Such a beautiful couple deserves a beautiful wedding! Congratulations!

  59. Deborah Lynn says:


  60. Michelle wilcox says:

    Beautiful day and scenery!

  61. Carissa Gutierrez says:

    I worked with Matt and he is one of the nicest, most genuine guys I have ever worked with! Athough I didn’t attend his wedding, you can clearly see how happy the bride and groom were that day through these stunning photos! Congrats to you and your new wife Matt! Take care!

  62. Brittnie Lee Santowski says:

    I have waited so long to add my comment because I can’t even put into words what these photos mean to me & Matthew! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL & give me the opportunity to relive the BEST day of our life over & over again! I can’t thank our photographers enough for capturing our special day like this! I didn’t even know that days like this existed, I NEVER been more happy in my life! Thank you for the AMAZING photos! -Brittnie ♥

  63. Elizabeth Payne says:

    BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! You captured some beautiful moments. Congrats Matt and Britt!

  64. Normary Barrientos says:

    Beautiful photos! Congrats

  65. Samantha Rose Brocksome says:

    Sooooo in loveeeee with all of these

  66. Samantha Rose Brocksome says:

    Photographers were simply amazing with all of thier help they provided along with taking such GLAMOROUS and stunning photos!

  67. Brian Bjb Bollnow says:

    I was so happy to be part of your special day. These pictures are great

  68. David Zuber says:


  69. Lauren Piotrowski says:

    Brittnie and Matt had such a gorgeous wedding. I was soo happy to be there! Their love is truly captured in every photo

  70. Todd Brocksome says:

    Your day was so beautiful and perfect! I love you both more than anything I’m soo happy to have a brother now!

  71. Sue Mielke says:

    Beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures.

  72. LaChelle Williams says:

    What a beautiful wedding.. I wish you both the best… Love the all the photos

  73. Jeannette Rodriguez says:

    I love your pictures your wedding was so beautiful!!

  74. Amanda Smeets says:

    Your pictures are amazing, I especially like the one where you are standing behind him. :)

  75. Christine McMahon says:

    Great photographer, knew how to get
    The perfectm pose and candid shots. They truly show the love!

  76. Kyle Rimkus says:

    Beautiful photos. Congrats again on your big day :)

  77. sis brocksome says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. ..just stunning. …I want them all

  78. Laura Avello says:

    Beautiful photography. Wonderful moments captured beautifully.

  79. Janice says:

    pictures… best of luck to you both!

  80. Zina Schneider says:


  81. Janice Feliciano says:

    Such beautiful pics.
    They say a picture tells a thousand words,well these pics definitely captured your love and happiness. Congrats to the both of you

  82. Mary Thorp says:

    These photos are ABSOLUTELY beaitiful! What a great choice of a photographer. Every picture is perfect! Everyone is so elegant and look so happy.

  83. Kim says:

    Brittnie should model for every Bride magazine.the pictures are stunning and you can even tell how the photographer even capturd emotion!

  84. Kerry Obermeyer says:

    These pictures are amazing! Beautiful wedding!

  85. Alethia Hummel says:

    Congratulations! So beautiful

  86. Natalie Turko Boyas says:

    I love every picture!!! You both looked amazing!!! It was a perfect wedding and I am so happy for you both!!! Love you both so much!!