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Post-Production #3


Hello again! In today’s post we will be zooming in a bit, and dealing with the little distractions in an image that can be cleaned up to make it look magazine-ready. This is a photo of my lovely sister Jana. This version is the original.

As you can see the image is very warm. A lot of red and pink hues. This is mainly due to the fact that the pink lamp shade was showering jana in a lot of pink light :) First thing I did was to cool down the photo. This can be done by adjusting the color tones and hues to get the white balance right. Next was the task of getting rid of the red fabric right next to her forehead. Very distracting. I cut out her hair and face as another layer, and then used the clone tool to blend the color of the wall over the red fabric. Merge the layers together and it’s gone! Then I softened Jana’s skin and used the bandaid tool to get rid of the appearance of pores. Next I used the bandaid tool on the whites of her eyes to get rid of the red, and then I whitened her eyes. After some sharpening of the eyes and lamp shade, I brightened up the whole photo and then applied a combination of a few artistic actions. I hope you enjoy the final image below!

Next I edited the image into an artistic black and white. The channel mixer numbers for this are: Red: 70, Green: 20, and Blue: 10. With a little contrast and blur we have the final image!

¬†Editing any photo where the subject is a close up of a person’s face can always take some time, but it is definitely worth the final results! Thanks for sharing this post with me, I hope you enjoyed it :)


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