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Post-Production #1


Editing (or post-production) as a photographer is a blog topic that I have been wanting to cover for a while. I always had dreamed it as being one post though, hence you never seeing a single blog about it because of the overwhelming information and examples I have in mind. So I’ve decided to do a little mini-series on editing and post-production. Now, having my education and college degree in graphic design I take editing very seriously. The photographers I look to for inspiration rely on editing to enhance and clean their images. They never over or under edit their photos. There are many good photographers out there who could go from good to outstanding with an understanding of proper post-production techniques. There are many good photographers who can ruin their photos by applying actions without understanding what they truly do to a photo. And then there are photographers who don’t edit at all. Enough said. Editing sorts out the photographers who view photography as art (we spend about 40+ hours editing one wedding), and photographers who view photography as money (who spend 0 hours editing a wedding and charge you double the price! amazing!). Ok, now to the fun stuff :) This first post is going to be an example of proper black and white post-production. The first image you see has simply been desaturated in photoshop from color to greyscale. This can be done in almost any image-editing program, even paint. The second image you see has been turned from color into an artistic black and white based on the colors in the original image. Some additional sharpening, blurring, white enhancing, and spot removal have been applied to clean up the image as well. The channel mixer numbers for this image are: Red: 70, Green: 20, and Blue: 10. Enjoy!


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