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Nancy + Nick Engagement I Chicago, Belmont Harbor Engagement Photographer


Nancy and Nick are such an energetic, happy laughing couple. We met last weekend in Chicago’s Belmont Harbor, and had a blast walking around all of the different locations in the area – the lake, the harbor, the parks – including an old Harry Potter-esque building overlooking the lake. I had so much fun with these two, enjoy the pics!!



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  1. Linda Lombardi says:

    Thank you, Katherine. These pics are so much fun, and really get us all excited and ready for the wedding. You captured Nick and Nanc very well! Love your artistic touches. Linda

  2. Tammy Barry says:

    Beautiful! The couple and the photography!

  3. Aunt Dale says:

    A wonderful couple. The photos seem to capture them perfectly.

  4. Scott Lombardi says:

    Great Pic’s Congrats!!!!

  5. Cynthia Ochi says:

    Wow – unbelievable photos! Nancy is stunning, and Nick is as handsome as ever. I love the way their happiness is captured.

  6. MK Brinati says:

    Loving the pics. How can you not when the two subjects are so good looking…. and fun loving!! Need I say more?? Looking forward to the big day!

  7. jodi sagil says:

    Nick and Nancy are adorable…the photos are amazing! Love the lake setting.

  8. My grandson, sooo happy for both of them, they are beautiful inside & out. Such true love is hard to find, they invested in quality time to get where their at. I’m excited for their future, life is a journey & an adventure & they qualify. May you both know the Height & Depth of Gods Love in your life together! Also that God will be a Light unto your path! Love Grandma Toni

  9. Karen Ravanesi says:

    Great pictures. I love the Chicago background. Nice outfits you two.Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!!

    Karen Ravanesi

  10. Margo Broz says:

    What a beautiful couple. Great pictures of the two of them!

  11. Lisa Murray says:

    What fabulous pictures of you guys! Can’t wait for the big event.
    Love to you both -Aunt Lisa

  12. Donna Cox says:

    What a great looking couple. Congtatulations! I look forward to your wedding.

  13. Liz Beverly says:

    Amazing pictures!!! I am so happy for you both! What awesome pictures that capture this time in your life :)))

  14. Brenda Gramann says:

    Ditto what everyone else said…..and just plain WOW!!! Beautiful couple, great location. And a great hair day, Nanc!

  15. Noel Leuzzi says:

    What beautiful pictures, I love that Nancy wore your boots!! You both look great, and I love Nancy hair so beautiful!! What a gorgeous woman!!Can’t wait for the big day so happy for the both of you!!!Congratulations!!!

  16. Frank Leuzzi says:

    Congratulations, great pictures!!

  17. Andrew Leuzzi says:


  18. Andy Leuzzi says:

    Congratulations, Great pictures!!!

  19. Rose says:

    Looks like a gorgeous wedding magazine photoshoot!

  20. Judy Zika says:

    If their picture was in a frame in a store I would buy the frame:)

  21. Linda Provot says:

    I absolutely love the awesome pictures! I am so very happy for all of you!

  22. Mary Shragal says:

    Those smiles tell a wonderful story!

  23. Teresa Deane says:

    Wonderful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  24. Steve Ravanesi says:

    Very nice pictures. How exciting.

  25. Jodie Keating says:


  26. Tracy Hulett says:

    Beautiful photos. I’m sure the wedding photos will be amazing.

  27. Great pictures. You 2 look fabulous!!!

  28. Hillary York says:

    I adore these pics! So beautiful…can’t wait for the wedding!! :)

  29. Alice York says:

    When he was a little boy he once said, after an afternoon of skiing, “I’m a natural”…and he is, at everything. Much love to them both, appears two “naturals” have found each other. Nana