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Morton Arboretum Engagement Photos, Lisle Engagement Photographer / Abby + Rhett


Abby and Rhett are high school sweethearts, and are SO sweet together :) Literally, nothing but smiles on these two and their joy is infectious!! :) We had a wonderful autumn day at the Morton Arboretum last week for their engagement session, the colors are starting to change and it was a perfect backdrop for them! I can’t wait for their wedding next August!



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  1. Angie Kenny (MOB) says:

    Katherine, these pictures are amazing!! We are thrilled!! Thank you so much!

  2. Your pictures are simply amazing! I would love for you to keep in touch with me as I have three children. One in college and the others in HS and JR. High. I know Abby and her family and I love what you have done with these pictures!

  3. Heather Voncina says:

    I would love for you to keep in touch with me as I have three children. One in college and the others in HS and JR. High. I know Abby and her family. I just love how you expressed the love between these two.

  4. Hannah Voncina says:

    Wonderful pictures. Such a beautiful couple and these pictures really capture true love. These pictures came out so amazing.

  5. Diane Lipuma says:

    These pictures are beautiful! You really captured the joy Abby and Rhett are feeling as they begin to plan their future together. Looking forward to celebrating with them in August!!

  6. Brian kenny says:

    Great pictures

  7. Haley Buchmiller says:

    Love these! So cute!

  8. Kendall Dunlap says:

    Love these!

  9. Sydney says:

    These turned out so good! I love the close ups of the ring! Congrats you two!!!

  10. Jason Dunlap says:


  11. Lisa Herff says:

    So beautiful….love the few that incorporate pumpkins and the rings in the pine sprigs…adorable couple as well :) it is hard to choose a favorite!

  12. Zach says:

    Adorable couple.

  13. Debbie Buchmiller. says:

    Beautiful pictures, Katherine! How in love are these two? We will treasure these images always. The engagement ring on the pine cone is unique and one of my favorites!

  14. Koki Sabates says:

    Wow, guys! These turned out great! Katherine, you did such a great job of capturing Abby and Rhett. So happy for you two! Much love!!

  15. Carl Buchmiller says:

    These are great pictures capturing great moments.

  16. Mary Duncan says:

    These pictures are beautiful! You did a wonderful job capturing their love!

  17. Rich Whitaker says:

    These pictures are so good, very natural setting and beautiful backgrounds. Love them .

  18. Ms whitaker says:

    Beautiful pictures. Abby and Rhett are adorable..


    Beautifully captured moments of a couple in love and ready to start the rest of their lives!

    Amazing pictures!

  20. Brian Whitaker says:

    Ggreat photos. Can’t wait for the wedding. Abby will make a beautiful bride.

  21. Cheryl Whitaker says:

    I love these photos! They truly captured the genuine love this beautiful couple has for each other. I think my favorites are the the ones where they are surrounded by all the pumpkins. ❤ So happy for them.

  22. Megan says:

    Beautiful pictures and gorgeous couple!!

  23. Shelby says:

    These pictures are amazing! You both look so happy!

  24. Jake Kenny says:

    My absolute favorite couple!! Can’t wait to celebrate you guys!!!

  25. Hunter Cohen says:

    These pictures are amazing; beautifully capturing such an amazing couple!!!

  26. Diane Paradise says:

    These pictures are beautiful! They really capture Abby & Rhett’s love!

  27. Julie Roback says:

    Wow! Amazing photos! Can’t wait for the big day!

  28. Julie Roback says:

    Amazing photos! Wow! We cannot wait for the big day!!

  29. Mary O’Keefe says:

    Beautiful work and beautiful subjects!

  30. Fran Coursey says:

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple! They look so happy!❤️

  31. Sandy Vedrine says:

    Wow! The pictures are gorgeous. Abby and Rhett are so adorable together!

  32. Mary Kenny says:

    Beautiful pictures of a very Happy Couple.