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Lincoln Park Engagement Photos, Chicago Engagement Photographer / Molly + Michael


There is literally nothing better in this business than getting to be a continuous part of family and friend’s lives, and when Molly reached out when her and Michael got engaged we were over the moon (we photographed her twin sister’s wedding last summer and just adore their families!!). Molly and Michael compliment each other so well. They are so funny, smart, witty, kind, hard working, the list could go on and on! We had a wonderful time in Lincoln Park last week for their engagement session, we practically had the whole place to ourselves and Spring gave us one nice day finally :) I cannot wait for their wedding this December!!!


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  1. Maggie OBrien says:

    Wow! Katherine did another fabulous shoot! Love these!

  2. Andrea Hogan says:

    Gorgeous!! You guys are adorable!

  3. Susie jaskowiak says:

    What great pics of a beautiful couple! Glad it was a nice day!

  4. Tim OBrien says:

    Great pics of a beautiful couple.

  5. Laura Troiano says:

    Love these photos!!!

  6. Carrie Rife says:

    What lovely pictures! We are so excited for your marriage!

  7. Larry Koehler says:

    awesome pictures.

  8. Michael Koehler says:

    These look amazing-thank you Katherine!!

  9. Michelle Keenan says:

    These are stunning! You have some very beautiful shots that showcase the evident love between you two. Thank you for sharing :)

  10. Amy Saylor says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Gorgeous pics of a stunning couple! Congrats you two!

  11. Mindy Koehler says:

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!

  12. jen guidi says:

    Great pics and glad you stuck to your true self Koehler with the fun socks.

    great work Katherine!

  13. Bridget Houser says:

    Katherine, these pictures are beautiful! So great that it was a nice night for Molly & Michael!

  14. Emily Wleklinski says:

    Beautiful photos!

  15. Maria Canzoneri says:

    Stunning! Love all the photos!

  16. Abby Morrison says:

    These are amazing!!! Congrats to a beautiful couple!`

  17. Leemor Medina says:

    Amazing pics!!!! Congrats!!!!

  18. Jonathan Graham says:

    Incredible pictures and a great couple! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Jenna says:

    Great pics! Congratulations!

  20. Kristen Wenzel says:

    Katherine does it again! Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous couple!

  21. Andrea says:

    These are beautiful! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

  22. Heather says:

    Love love love!!!

  23. Doug Houser says:

    Great photos!

  24. Marcia Berke says:

    Stunning pictures. What a beautiful couple.

  25. Myles O’Desky says:


  26. Elyse O’Desky says:

    Great photos

  27. Jay Berke says:

    Fabulous photos. December approaches!!!

  28. Terry Berke says:

    Beautiful photos. Two beautiful people. But who forgot to bring the Cubs hat?

  29. Sam Cordell says:

    These pictures are so heart warming!!!! Cannot wait for 12/21/19!!!

  30. Jamie says:

    You look beautiful! Congratulations!

  31. Michael Mueller says:

    Great pics!!!

  32. Fred Hartman says:

    Great photos!!

  33. Jude Dobiecki O'Brien says:

    Beautiful!! Love them All!!

  34. Bob OBrien says:

    Awesome pictures!!

  35. Mike says:

    Love!!! Great pics!

  36. Nicola hill says:

    Great couple and great pictures.

  37. Kaylee O'Brien says:


  38. Peggy O’Brien says:

    Beautiful! 💗

  39. Matt O’Brien says:

    Amazing pics!

  40. Nancy Rife says:

    Great photos!!

  41. Ali Cantino says:

    Such a beautiful couple! Can’t wait to celebrate! Cheers

  42. Emily McGee says:

    I love all these beautiful photos! The lighting is perfect.

  43. Judy Maly says:

    What beautiful pictures! So excited for you two!