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Kim + Chano Engagement / Chicago Engagement Photographer, Cantigny Engagement Photographer


Kim and Chano met 4 years ago, and recently got engaged a few months ago. They are planning on having ¬†backyard wedding in Glen Ellyn (my favorite kind of wedding!), and I had so so much fun with them at Cantigny this past Sunday. They are so caring towards one another, and are another one of my giggly couples – just constantly laughing :) I can’t wait for their wedding next year, enjoy the pics!



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  1. Kim Nelson says:

    I LOVE them!!!!! Can’t wait to hang some up!!! =)

  2. Jen Nelson says:

    So cute!!! I can’t wait for the wedding!!

  3. Tom Nelson says:

    The last one is my favorite! =)

  4. Leigh says:

    They are all so darling!!

  5. Laura Sigler says:

    So beautiful!! Love you guys I am so happy for you!!

  6. Jose says:

    More tank pics!!!!

  7. Sara Nelson says:

    Awesome! So happy in love.

  8. Matt Millette says:

    Great pictures…it looks like you guys had a ton of fun with the shoot. Congrats!

  9. Charley Crissey says:

    Hi Kim and Chano the pics look Awesome

  10. Colin Hopper says:

    Love the tank photo!! These pictures are great.

  11. Michelle says:

    I love the pics. You both look so happy. Can’t wait for the wedding day!

  12. Amber Wolfrum says:

    Love the pictures, congrats again!

  13. Brittany says:

    Congrats, so excited for you!

  14. Nikki says:

    These pictures look amazing I can’t even stand it, I just wanna smash you guys!! Congrats for the millionth time, can’t wait for you guys to join team married!!!

  15. Amy Sa'id says:

    Love the blue and black pictures. Congrats you guys!!

  16. Fabiola says:

    Congratulations!!! You two look great in these pictures!!!

  17. Dad says:

    I am so happy for you both. The pictures are EXCELLENT! They capture your love for each other very well.

  18. Chano Jimenez says:

    They hid the tanks from me til the end. >:-0
    *fist shake*

  19. silvestre amaro says:

    makes me want to get married…..

  20. Mom says:

    What fun to think and plan for another wedding! Such a pretty place to take pictures of some of our favorite kids. Cute pictures! Xoxo

  21. andrew and idaly says:

    Congrats! u guys look great together may god bless u two with many years of marraige and wonderful little children u can calll your own. Congrats and god bless u Both.

  22. Luis Jimenez says:

    Awesome pictures bro they look really amazing and glad you are very happy with Kim. :)

  23. mike says:

    nice pics and congrats you honey badger

  24. Abby says:

    These pictures are so adorable! You can tell how much you two love each other, although I would like to see the tank in more pictures. <3

  25. Pat says:

    Pictures are really nice you guys look so happy! Honey badger???

  26. Mark says:

    Great pics

  27. Nicole says:

    These photos are beautiful! Congrats to you both

  28. Eduardo Rodriguez says:

    Great pictures! They really portray the love you have for one another. Congrats and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

  29. Maricela says:

    I love them all! Can’t pick a favorite! I’m so happy and excited for you two and I wish many more blessings your way!!! Love how the photographer captured how you guys really feel about each other <3 can't wait for the back yard shenanigans! Ps totally MY idea!!!! Lol xoxo

  30. Aracely Sanchez says:

    Lovely engagement pics!! Congrats on your engagement!! : )

  31. Nina Torres says:

    Im soo happy for kim and my brotha from another mother, your happiness is infectious from just looking at the pictures!!! I luv you guys and I cant wait to see what the future holds for you :)

  32. Veronica Martinez says:

    Very nice pictures! ;).. best wishes!! :)

  33. el benny garcia says:

    nice piktures…. me and my kuz kochiloko wish u many years of happiness….. and kongrats on the wedding…….

  34. Ann Hekhuis says:

    the tank is unique, but the first is my favorite and really shows the love between you two. Wishing you all the best, you are great individuals and an awesome couple – Ann H

  35. John says:

    Great pictures, could use more tanks

  36. jovita amaro says:

    felicidades chano…. se ven muy bien juntos….

  37. Lauren Nelson says:

    I recognize those shoes! ;) The pics turned out cute!

  38. John Sykora says:

    Where’s the picture of chano’s shoe. I bet they’re cute too….

  39. jose says:

    Awesome pictures, never new a honey badger could smile so much. Congrats you guys!!!