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Jocelyn + Davin Wedding I Chicago, Brookfield Zoo Wedding Photographer


Jocelyn and Davin have been together for 10 years. Their wedding ceremony was held on June 11th (my husband and I share the same wedding date with them!), in Jamaica (yes, Jamaica!!). With their love of animals and nature, it was only fitting to have their reception and celebration of their marriage at the Brookfield Zoo. It was an awesome day, from their 1st look to the drive around the park during portraits, Jason and I had an absolute blast :) Enjoy the pics!!

And P.S. – This couple is seriously a lovey-dovey kind of in love. Even after 10 years. That’s awesome.

A tram stopped her walking to her 1st look, but she had a great attitude about it :)

Instead of groomsmen, Jocelyn and Davin opted for security guards for their reception :) 

Cocktail hour in the Dolphin viewing area!

I normally don’t post pictures of the first dances with the parents, but I’m posting there because they are some of the sweetest images I’ve ever taken. I was pretty much crying the whole time, look at their faces!!


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  1. Candice says:

    So beautiful! I can’t stop looking at these.

  2. Jocelyn Garrison says:

    Katie – If I have not said this at all or enough… have an amazing gift! I cannot thank you and Jason enough for capturing all of these wonderful memories for us. I have looked about 5 times so far at this blog and these are the best photos I have ever seen! Keep using that wonderful gift to make other people as happy as we are now!

  3. Melissa Rousse says:

    Joc and Dave look amazing! I had so much fun on Friday. It’s hard not to get great shots with Joc and Dave as your models, but you guys did a great job on these photos! I will definitely recommend you if anyone I know is looking.

  4. Amanda Lubert says:

    These pictures are incredible!!! Jocelyn you look GORGEOUS!!! Congrats again! We’re so happy for you two!

  5. Sandra Norlie says:

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple!

  6. Donna Hargreaves says:

    Those are beautiful pictures I love them

  7. Jenna says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing time we all had and you two captured some if the best moments!!! It was like a high school reunion for sure. Keep blessing others Katie and Jason with your talents!!! :)

  8. Maria Fennewald says:

    These photos are the best wedding photos I have ever seen in my life…and I am an old lady! You two were so caring and felt like part of the family. Thank you so much! Also, thank you for showing the picture to me at the reception!

  9. Diane Simac says:

    Congrats!!!! Lovely pics!!!!

  10. Rosa Dinatale says:

    Theses are amazing!! Joc everything was beautiful, coolest wedding ever!!!

  11. staci gerleve says:

    Congratulations! You looked beautiful Jocelyn. What a perfect venue.

  12. Julie Dominick says:

    What AMAZING photo’s that you guys took!! You really captured some great memories to be shared by all!!

  13. Stacy Anderson says:

    Congrats Jocelyn! Everything looks beyond beautiful and the pictures look AMAZING!!

  14. Duane Dominick says:

    very nice photos

  15. Davin Fennewald says:

    Thank you so much to Katie and Jason for capturing, and creating so many beautiful moments on the day of our reception. Not only are they amazing at their trade, but they are both truly wonderful people. I feel so lucky and blessed that Jocelyn and I were able to have them.

  16. Allison McGreevy says:

    Congratulations!! These are some of the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen! xoxo

  17. Heidi Kuharich says:

    These are great! Terrific job of capturing the whole feel of the day! And you did it with grace and ease, blending right in with us. Thank you!

  18. Debbie Summerville says:

    Great photo’s of some great people! Thanks for posting them for us to see!!!

  19. Debi says:

    Beautiful Pictures

  20. Kelly Kennon says:

    These pictures are beautiful. It was such a great event and Katherine did an amazing job capturing it.

  21. Stephanie Dimitriou says:

    Your photographer is amazing! And whoever arranged your flowers is amazing as well. Great wedding photos – i’m so happy that everything went just as you wanted!! Minus the Trolly blocking your first sight – but – honestly, I think that made for awesome pics as well :)

    Congratulations!! You look beautiful!

  22. Diva Neims says:

    Congrats!! The photos are awesome, love the animal shots!

  23. Bridget Wesley says:

    Congratulations, you look fabulous! Love the shots with the kids in their shades. So adorable.

  24. Laura Russell says:

    Awesome picture! Jocelyn your looked amazing – so happy for you!

  25. Machell Enke says:

    Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous Bride and dashing Groom!