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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!! While I am thankful for many many blessings, I want to address one in specific:

My daughter Mikah Penelope

Now I know what you’re thinking – well duh, of course we’re thankful for our kids! Tell me something new!

But seriously, it is a miracle that this little girlie is here. I didn’t share my pregnancy journey on my blog (although I did plenty on my personal facebook page) – but many of you only know I was preggers, and had a baby.

What you don’t know is what I had to fight to get Mikah here –

high blood pressure / borderline preeclamsia / blood flow restraint in the umbilical cord / 2 large blood clots in my left lung at 34 weeks pregnant / blood thinning medication for 6 weeks of pregnancy / early labor contractions / a natural delivery where I lost half of my blood / Mikah’s heartbeat was lost as she was delivered, and she came out blue /¬†emergency surgery 1 week post-delivery / a blood transfusion / a stent in my artery in my lungs, surgery to put it in and remove it

yet despite it all, my daughter was born at a healthy 9 pounds with the biggest cheeks I’ve ever seen! It makes me cry just thinking about it – how grateful I truly am that she is here. How grateful I am that God protected both of us.

She has brought a joy to my life that I cannot even begin to put into words.

So this thanksgiving, while I am thankful for MUCH, I am specifically and overly thankful for my baby girl.

her sweet little face just melts my heart…


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  1. And mine- every time I think back, I cry. Every time. God is so good. And she has brought calm and delight to Luca’s heart with her love for him, and the abandon with which she delights in him.
    What a sweet gift this child is, and I for one, am most fortunate to know her and love her.