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Disney World I 2013


I was raised going to Disney. My dad is a kid at heart, and he wanted us to be able to experience that fun, so I’ve been blessed to have been able to visit Disney a lot. The last time I went, Luca was 18 months old, and sad to say but it wasn’t the most fun because, well, no one should ever realistically bring an 18 month old to Disney unless you want to work the whole time. So when I found out that my dad and sister and niece had planned on going this January, I found a way to be able to go – my hubby and I made it work, found sitters for while he was in school, and off I went to Disney ALONE (well, sans children) – with the opportunity to really be a kid again! (Can I just say I have an amazing husband by the way?!?!)

Here are some of my favorite memories from the trip, enjoy the pictures!

this cool wall was the wall above the hotel lobby desks:

On “It’s a small world”

this was awesome, they’ve built a new castle from Beauty and the Beast, and it was my first time seeing it:

they even made Belle’s downtown marketplace:

A new Rapunzel tower:

An AWESOME new light show they’ve started doing at night time:

Day 2 we went to the Animal Kingdom, one of my personal favorite parks:

below is the tree of life:

Mount Everest Rollercoaster:

One of my favorite shots from the trip:

On an African Safari:

Thursday night we went to our FAVORITE show in all of Disney, the Hoop Dee Doo Revue Show!!

Our hotel:

Hollywood Studios!

I’m on the “San Francisco” set below:

I took this for my son Luca: Mommy and Handy Mandy!

I love the shot below:

The picture below, bottom right: that’s right, that reads $37,500!

I had such an amazing time on this trip. I can’t thank my Dad enough for making it possible for me to go!!


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  1. Wow! Magical – both Disney and your photography :) I bet Disney would love to get their hands on these shots :) Really nice work…