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Cantigny Engagement Photos, Wheaton Engagement Photographer / Samantha + Jeramie


Samantha and Jeramie are absolutely wonderful together – they balance one another, and are kind, caring, and love each other with an amazing steadfastness that shows their commitment to one another. I met Sami when I was only 11 years old, and to see her now as this amazing woman makes me teary eyed as I went through their photos. I am so excited about these two and their marriage, and we had so much fun at Cantigny in Wheaton earlier this week for their session. We were one of the only groups of people in the whole park because of impending storms, and it was awesome!! I cannot wait for their wedding this April, and hope you enjoy the pics!



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  1. Candice says:

    These are gorgeous! Love, love love <3

  2. Becky Bolton says:

    you two make everyone believe in Love, it’s written all over your faces. Congratulations your pictures are beautiful

  3. Sarah Triner says:

    Absolutely love every single photo

  4. Brenda Hansen Blair says:

    Love all of these. Love u more.

  5. Katisha says:

    Beautiful pictures for a wonderful couple. These are amazing!!!!

  6. Emily Case Lazzaro says:

    Very sweet, you guys! Congratulations!!

  7. Linda Kittle says:

    Sam, every picture is AWESOME! I love it! You both look so happy! Congratulation! God’s Blessing for happiness always to bout of you!

  8. Linda Kittle says:

    Sam, every picture is AWESOME! I love it! You both look so happy! Congratulation! God’s Blessing for happiness always to bout of you!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely stunning pics! Can’t wait for the big day and everything else to come!

  10. Ashley says:

    You two are so cute! I love the pics! Can’t wait till wedding!

  11. Kelly Colao says:

    I love these all!! So perfect!!

  12. Kara v says:

    The pictures are breathtaking!! Such a beautiful representation of their love :)

  13. Wendy Sauerwein Hanley says:

    Oh honey every picture is perfect. I’m sooo happy for both of you. ❤️❤️

  14. Elizabeth Ann says:

    Beautiful Sami! Love the pictures! Congrats to you and Jeramie!

  15. Amber A Mock says:

    These turned out amazing!

  16. Christopher Taylor says:

    Love the pictures

  17. Cari Dukes says:

    These photo’s are amazing!

  18. Aileen Thomas says:

    I said it once and I’ll say it twice and many more…beautiful couple = beautiful pictures

  19. Aileen says:

    Awesome pictures only happen to awesome couples… can’t wait for the awesome wedding!!!

  20. June Novakowski says:

    Congratulations to you both! Beautiful photos!

  21. Carrie Lee Ingram Triner says:

    Love your photo session! Priceless and Timeless:)

  22. Carol Borowicz says:

    They are a beautiful couple. Love the photos. Amazing….

  23. Dawn Hierons Behnke says:

    These are fantastic , I love seeing you two so happy

  24. Debbie Arns Oliver says:

    All the pics are amazing Sami! You and Jeramie show what true love is and are so inspiring after what you both have been thru yet come out so strong and united as one! Timmy and I wish you all the best and happiness in the world.

  25. Melissa Gettis Engram says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  26. Cheryl Skalski says:

    Beautiful pictures of an even more beautiful couple!

  27. Joan Domzalski says:

    Beautiful pictures of there love.

  28. Melanie Pm says:

    How incredibly beautiful- I have never seen such lovely photos that show a couple’s love for one another! These photos are a sweet, pictorial treasure of Jeramie’s and Sam’s love for each other! Congratulations, and my you both keep the love you see in each others’ eyes throughout the rest of your lives! God bless!

  29. Giselle says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.

  30. Jennifer Polzin says:

    You two look amazing. Such beautiful pictures. Love you both!!!!

  31. Emily Blue says:

    Congratulations Samantha and Jeramie! What lovely memories of your engagement!

  32. Carol Conroy says:

    Captured their love perfectly!

  33. Kimberly Beck Jenkins says:

    Beautiful couple! Beautiful pics!! Congrats!!!

  34. Kristen Rogue says:


  35. Robert Jones says:

    Awesome pictures love is in the air..

  36. Damon says:

    Very nice, Beautiful!

  37. Tori Mack says:

    B-E-A utiful!

  38. Caylee Blablablair says:

    Love you guys! <3

  39. Connor Blair says:

    very nice cuz

  40. Marliss Dellinger says:

    Love them all and love you more!

  41. Lisa Hansen says:

    You two are beautiful

  42. Brent Blair says:

    These are very nice Sami.

  43. Stephanie Brubaker Lawson says:

    Beautiful pictures, Sam! I always loved Cantigny. Congrats & I look forward to your wedding pics!

  44. Virg Serrato says:

    There pics are amazing! You two look great!!!

  45. Olivia Ellsworth says:

    So beautiful ❤️

  46. Kiki Griffis says:

    Stunning pictures!

  47. Crissy stoner says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!

  48. Crissy Czajka Stoner says:

    Sam these are just so damn fantastic!!! The poses,the weather, the love that shows,the happiness. Just simply amazing!! I am so proud of you and happy for you both!!! You two have been through so much and it just makes you both such strong loving people!!! Love you both!

  49. Darrell Romanos says:

    The pics turned out real good…T Minus 9+ months and counting

  50. Cheli Garcia Terrazo says:

    Such a beautiful couple! Best of luck :)

  51. Destinee Christilyn Cambium says:

    Omg, love this <333333

  52. Vickie Eickelberg says:

    So beautiful!!!

  53. Sandy Barraza says:

    You two look so in love! These pictures are fantastic, really captured some sweet moments. Love you guys! <3

  54. Alex Groth says:

    You guys look so good together, even Jeramie looks good in these

  55. Ally Behnke says:

    beautiful pictures love them so much

  56. Samantha Snook Korkosz says:

    Beautiful couple. You will cherish these photos for a lifetime!!

  57. Samantha Korkosz says:

    Beautiful couple!! Amazing photos; you will cherish these for a lifetime.

  58. Joan Domzalski says:

    Beautiful couple & beautiful pictures so in love.

  59. Norra Onder says:

    Amazing photos!!

  60. Alyssa says:

    Stunning! Beautiful couple!

  61. Vicki Bergeron says:

    Wow these are great.

  62. Lisa Krzeminski says:

    Great pics. Happy for u guys!!

  63. Ellen Jatkowski says:

    Beautiful photos! So happy and excited for you Sam & Jer!

  64. Brenda Cook-Staten says:

    A very loving couple,amazing photos

  65. Christine Silvestri says:

    Love all of them!!! Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats and good luck you two!! :)

  66. Crystal Bottigliero says:

    Beautiful pictures!:-)

  67. sue hansen says:

    nice pictures . godd luck to both of you.

  68. Rikki Waldren says:

    Beautiful! You both look so happy & in love!

  69. Rachael Venchus says:

    Love love love these photos!!! Absolutely beautiful!

  70. Lexi Guttman says:

    Stunning pics!

  71. Dee La Caria says:

    Their happiness and love shines through all of you these beautiful pictures.

  72. Sue Venchus says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweet!

  73. Lezlie Ballenger says:

    Beautiful Couple!!! They deserve This Happiness!!

  74. Annie Silvestri says:

    Absolutely stunning! So excited for you two as you take this next step in your journey! <3

  75. Jamie Huntoon says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos!

  76. Brenda Kay says:

    Super nice

  77. Portia Vandegraft says:

    Stunning pictures!

  78. Karen Deverell says:

    Beautiful couple!

  79. Tatiana Griffis says:

    Beautiful pictures symbolizing a beautiful couple! Lovely

  80. Adi says:

    You look gorgeous Sam, love the pictures!

  81. DavidandKalan Kopec says:

    Such beautiful pictures and couple!! Congratulations

  82. Mackenzie Steidinger says:

    Great pics! Definitely deserving

  83. Nicole Badger says:

    Love every single one!! ???? So very happy for you both!

  84. Cathleen Mae Steinkuller says:

    Stunning couple…! Just beautiful.

  85. Molly says:

    By far the most adorable pictures!

  86. Brenda Cook-Staten says:

    Beautiful looking couple,pictures are gorgeous.

  87. Lynetye Hooper says:

    I like the picture of Jeremy holding Samantha’s chin. ALL of the b/w pictures! They look so classic & classy! ???? Love makes the world a better place.

  88. Audrey Walker says:

    Love the photo. The love between the both of you are captured in these photos.

  89. Becky Mueller says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! You guys look so happy and in love!

  90. Jennifer Steininger says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  91. Lillian Venchus says:

    So beautiful. Congratulations to this fine young couple.

  92. Lori Polzin Jochheim says:

    These are beatiful pictures. I am so happy for you both. Love you

  93. Morgan Polzin says:

    These pictures are gorgeous!!!!