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Allegra Banquets Wedding Photos, Schiller Park Wedding Photographer / Samantha + Jeramie


I’ve been waiting for this wedding all year!! I’ve known Samantha since she was a little girl and I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it is photographing a wedding of someone you know and love :) Her and Jeramie are absolutely perfect for one another, and Jason and I are so excited for them and their lives together. Their beautiful day had a little bit of snow, lots of sun and tons of smiling. Lots and lots and lots of smiling :) I can’t wait to share the pics, enjoy!



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  1. Wendy Hanley says:

    Good job Katie Did. The pictures are beautiful. Ty

  2. Samantha Korkosz says:

    Gorgeous photographs of a beautiful couple!

  3. Fernando Salazar says:

    The pictures look amazing and I’m glad I was part of this special moment in both of your lives. Mucho amor

  4. Gail Salvatori says:

    I love these pics! Just beautiful, and once again, you caught the joy of the day on their faces!

  5. Alma Campbell says:


  6. Samantha Wirth says:

    Wow, stunning photos! Such a beautiful wedding, congrats again to the Triners! ????

  7. Nohel magana says:

    These photos are all amazing! I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures!! Super awesome being part of this special day!!!

  8. Kara Tay Venchus says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  9. Crissy Czajka Stoner says:

    These are the most beautiful picture!! I can’t wait to see them all

  10. Carrie Lee Ingram Triner says:

    Amazing, photos! God has Blessed you with the gift to capture spectular photos! They are all timeless treasures. 10 stars

  11. Gail Kerr says:

    The pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!!!! Such forever memories for Jeramie and Samatha!!

  12. Samantha Snook Korkosz says:

    These photos capture the love, beauty and joy that was abound .

  13. Bonita Conely says:

    Love them pic congrats

  14. Annie Silvestri says:

    Love these! Absolutely stunning!

  15. Jenn says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! The day couldn’t have been captured any better!

  16. Lexi Guttman says:

    So happy I got to see this beautiful wedding happen!!! The pictures are breathtaking ????????

  17. Stacey Kroll says:

    Katie did a great job capturing your special day Sam.

  18. ally behnke says:

    Beautiful Beautiful pictures! I’m so happy I got to be apart of this special day and also super excited that you got to take the pictures and be apart of it too :)

  19. Juan says:

    Congrats Sam, so happy for u and ur new husband!

  20. Darrell Romanos says:

    Awesome pictures…

  21. Sandy Barraza says:


  22. Alma Rose says:


  23. Sandy Glin says:

    Beautiful photos celebrating a very loving couple … Congrats Sam & Jeremy

  24. Noelle Tallungan says:

    These are stunning! I would definitely use your services should I ever need a photographer!

  25. Rob Chomicz says:

    I was honored to serve as Jeramie and Sam’s DJ at their reception. Although I didn’t partake at the ceremony, these gorgeous pictures make me feel as if I were there! It was truly a beautiful wedding and the photos absolutely do it justice!

  26. Heather Weiss Toelstede says:

    Great pictures!!

  27. Jess Montgomery says:

    Beautiful! Where are those bridesmaid dresses from?!

  28. Kim Schulze says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures! It was a wonderful wedding! Congratulations you two! ❤️

  29. Steve Bicouvaris says:

    Awesome job!!!

  30. Sheila Shackelford-Bartolomeo says:

    Beautiful pics

  31. Kimberly becker says:

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful Samantha.

  32. Virg Serrato says:

    What great pictures of a beautiful day!

  33. Christopher Warren says:

    Great Pictures Great Day and a Great Party !!!!

  34. Morgan Polzin says:

    Amazing pictures!!! Beautiful

  35. Christopher Taylor says:

    Love the pictures

  36. Molly Louise Janas says:

    Amazing pictures!!!!

  37. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    Lovely photos, congratulations sam and Jeramie!! <3

  38. Josh Toelstede says:

    Great pictures

  39. Katisha says:

    The day was captured beautifully. You guys were able to get some timeless moments!!!

  40. Kiki Griffis says:

    Just stunning

  41. Jean Orlandi-Ryan says:

    Really captured their joy, beautiful photos!

  42. Alex Groth says:

    These look awesome!!!

  43. Marissa Licht says:

    Aw sam you look beautiful!

  44. Amanda LoCicero says:

    Gorgeous photos and even more beautiful couple!!

  45. Kate Haennicke says:

    Beautiful photos! You can feel the joy that was present that day!

  46. Amanda LoCicero says:

    Gorgeous photos and even more beautiful couple!! What a beautiful wedding!

  47. Lola says:

    Lovely pictures!!!

  48. Jake Venchus says:

    What a time! Those ushers, who I believe go by “Lake,” really tore that dance floor apart!

  49. Jennifer Stoner says:


  50. Nick Evans says:

    Woohoo great pictures!

  51. Maggie Lagro says:

    Such beautiful photos!!! So happy for you both!

  52. Heather Deutscher says:

    Sam and Jeramie are perfect can’t wait to see all the pictures!!!!

  53. Ashley says:

    Wonderful wedding with an amazing couple! Great Pics!

  54. Debbie Barnhart says:

    Great Wedding! You all did a fantastic job on the photos!

  55. Halie Laws says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!

  56. Mireya Rosales Dominguez says:

    These beautiful!

  57. Tatiana Griffis says:

    Simply beautiful and breathtaking pictures! Their love for each other radiates through them…

  58. Cathy Cooper says:

    Very nice, I love the colors and the way the photographer captured the day!

  59. Jerica Hall says:

    Beautiful Congrats

  60. Debbie Arns Oliver says:

    All the pics are amazing and capture all the special moments and memories…… was a beautiful day!

  61. Aileen says:

    Gorgeous and Handsome wedding was amazing and those moments were capured beautifully… Long lasting memories!

  62. Julie says:

    Love these!

  63. Paul Behnke says:

    Great job Katie. This pictures are all amazing!

  64. Dee La Caria says:

    Congratulations to Samantha and Jeramie, wishing you many many years of love and laughter. These pictures have captured your true love for one another.

  65. Becky bolton says:

    Beautiful wedding, gorgeous couple, amazing pictures. Congratulations to two wonderful people.

  66. Adi Huerta says: