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The best relationships begin as friendships, and Katie and Liam are such an amazing testament to that!! These two met their freshmen year of college, and spent the first two years having every single class together (such a rare occurrence!). They formed such a strong friendship over those years, that when they decided to start […]

Lauren and Reid met while working at the same company in 2012 – Lauren thought that Reid was cute and Reid thought that Lauren was married haha :) Their paths merged and they’ve never looked back! We have been SO excited for this wedding, I can’t even truly explain it!!!! We photographed Reid’s brother’s wedding […]

Meredith and Dave had many opportunities to meet, and even crossed paths without knowing it. Their timing was perfect however, because when they did meet, it was as if they had always been together. Dave wears his heart on his sleeve, and it is amazing to see how much he loves Meredith (and vice versa!)! […]

Dana and Stanley met in a biology class in college at Mizzou – Stanley knew right away that he was going to take Dana out on a date, and these two have been together ever since! Dana and Stanley both come from big families, and their wedding day was nothing short of a fantastic day […]