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It all started at Sunnyside Club at Carthage College, the night that Jen and Nick met :) These two immediately hit it off and could’ve been the only two people in that room the whole entire night! Their gorgeous wedding day (literally the most perfect weather we’ve had in years!!) was held at the beautiful […]

Kim and Zach met at North Central College in chemistry class, where Zach sparked up a conversation by asking her for help the night before a lab was due :) Their first date to a movie and ice cream went great, and they’ve now been together for 8 years! Their beautiful wedding day started off […]

Ashley and Tim met at South Dakota State University when introduced through mutual friends. Both have a love of mustangs – for Ashley, the animal kind, and for Tim, the car kind :) Their beautiful wedding day was held at Fishermen’s Inn in Elburn. Ashley being a landscape architect, this was the perfect setting for […]

This. Wedding. Is. EVERYTHING!!! Mara and Aaron met during a photography class in college – Mara initially took notice of Aaron in class because as she put it, ‘he would NOT stop talking!’ – but these two Cubs fans were meant to be, and are the absolutely CUTEST together!! I adore them!! There was SO […]

Addie and Mike could have met 10 years ago as freshmen in college, but their paths didn’t cross until God’s perfect timing kicked in, as they both put it, and from that moment on their adventure began :) I don’t even know where to begin in writing about this beautiful wedding; I’ve known Addie since […]