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Stephanie and Connor!!! These two met in high school, and are both outdoorsy people who LOVE their cats :) They truly love just spending time together, and my favorite part about them? How they have the ability to absolutely crack each other up!! You will see it throughout all the photos…constant laughter (and I mean […]

Nicole and Miki are the cutest and two of the genuinely happiest people I’ve met!! These two went to the same medical school and even lived in the same apartment complex for years, but their paths didn’t cross until they worked together during Nicole’s residency (where Miki was her senior!) – but it was true […]

Ali and Kevin have the cutest love story!! They actually met in high school, and each went on their first date ever with each other!! Ali said that she was a little weary of boys at that time so their love story paused there haha – until they reconnected again 11 years later and started […]

Kim and Zach met at North Central College in chemistry class, where Zach sparked up a conversation by asking her for help the night before a lab was due :) Their first date to a movie and ice cream went great, and they’ve now been together for 8 years! Their beautiful wedding day started off […]

Lindsey and Brendan are amazing together; both touted as weird (the good weird, of course!), these two could not be more perfect for one another. Lindsey is literally a walking ball of happiness and you can’t help but smile being around her! Brendan is so sweet and caring to her, you can instantly see how […]