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Emily and Jason are SO sweet together!! These two met at work – she took care of patients in the ER and Jason brought those patients in via ambulance – not your normal day job :) 6 years later and these two started their forever last Saturday!! We love how much they are able to […]

Amy and Jack met when they were freshmen in high school. Jack said that the moment he saw her, he thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, and he knew that he was going to marry her. So much so, that he saved a coke bottle from that night they met and […]

Alexa and Joe were introduced through one of Alexa’s best friends 7 years ago, and they both had crushes on each other right off the bat :) They’ve been together ever since! Alexa and Joe love Disney (which made me love them immediately because your’s truly is a massive Disney-fan!!), and when I heard that […]

Seriously, where do I even start with this post??? You guys, the bride this time is my baby sister!!! I pretty much cried the whole time I edited these images and am crying the whole time I’m writing this (happy tears, of course!)!!! My sweet sister Becca and her (now) husband Dan got married this […]

Mom’s always know best – and Mark’s mother knew that there was something special about Dana when she hinted to Mark about asking her out :) These two are perfect together, and the way Mark teared up when Dana walked down the aisle made everyone choke up!! Their beautiful wedding was held at the Carlisle […]