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Jennifer and Gordie are so excited about their little Lily, who is going to be arriving in the next few months! Jennifer is a gorgeous mommy-to-be, and I was so happy the weather cooperated for her maternity session in Lilac Park. Enjoy the pictures!

Jackson and Hailey are the c.u.t.e.s.t. of cute cousins. Not only do they look like twins (if not brother and sister), but they love each other like siblings and are so sweet together. We had to wait a few weeks to get their Easter pictures in, just because of the nasty weather, but it was […]

What can I say about Robin, Tenny, Luke, and Hannah? A WHOLE lot – they’re loving, real, funny, quirky, loyal, caring, and just flat out amazing. They are a part of our church family, and I am so grateful that they’ve been a part of our lives the past few years we’ve been at Parkview. […]

I can’t believe it. My baby cousin is going to be a senior in high school; I remember carrying Hannah around when she was a baby, thinking she was my real-life baby-doll. And here she stood before me yesterday as an adult. I am so happy I was able to photograph Hannah at such a […]