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Krista and Nick met at Concordia University in Chicago – Nick played for the football team, and Krista worked as team manager. One of the tasks as team manager was doing laundry, and to say thank you, Nick would sing her any song she requested :) This went on for a few weeks before going […]

I am so excited to be featured on Rustic Wedding Chic today! They are an awesome website with great wedding and ideas, here are a few images from the post: The view the actual post, please click here:

Jennie waiting a while before introducing Tony to her family…not because she was unsure of him; in fact she knew he was the one. But because her family was vivacious, intense, outgoing, and she wasn’t sure if he could handle them. By the looks of this wedding, and these two families becoming one, it looks […]

“Will you marry me Sharon?”…was answered with a “well yes, that’s the plan” and a giggle. Then he pulled out the ring. And Sharon realized Jason was serious. Seriously proposing to her, right then. Which was followed by a jump, shriek, and ecstatic “Yes!!!”. Watching Sharon as she replayed the story to me while she […]

Showcasing Klein Creek’s beautiful grounds and reception venue