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Katie and Neil met in 2006 after he interviewed her for a job at Nike. They worked together for many years and stayed friends even after Katie left the company – in 2011 they touched base again, and have been together ever since! I loved Katie‚Äôs vibe for this wedding because it fit their personalities […]

Laura and Jeff are best friends and love to travel. When I first talked to Laura they were both living and working in New Zealand and planning their wedding from there. Throughout their wedding day I heard many reminders from family and friends that they truly just love one another. That even 5 years from […]

Megan and Kevin met 13 years ago in high school, and have always been best friends. Their paths had never crossed romantically because neither of them wanted to ruin their friendship. Megan recalled the moment she knew she wanted to date Kevin when they were skiing and on top of the mountain, Megan was scared […]

Seriously, where do I even begin with Mary and Jerry?? Well, you can catch up on their over decade-long romance and see their sweet engagement session here for starters. But, Mary and Jerry are the sweetest, most down to earth, and caring couple. They are so invested not only in each other, but in every […]

Jenny and Paul are happy. Like, really just happy people. I remember a few months back photographing their Chicago engagement session and laughing the whole time I was with them. They absolutely love the city, and planned their whole wedding around it. We started the day off at the JW Marriott where we started with […]