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Katherine Salvatori

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Molly and Michael!!! These two are downright amazing together, and I’ve been looking forward to their wedding day all year :) Their personalities match each other perfectly, and I loved seeing that play out throughout their day. From them both getting teary eyed while reading letters to each other in the morning – to Michael […]

Laura and Paul!! These two are so unbelievably sweet together! They immediately put you at ease, and exude a joy when they are together that everyone around them can feel :) Family means the world to both of them, and it was such a blessing and just happy day for them coming together in marriage […]

Sara and Spiros met when they were 14 and became best friends. They started dating 2 years later, and these two are the true definitely of high school sweethearts!! Their wedding date fell on the exact date of their 10 year anniversary, and it could not have been a more special day! These two not […]

Lauren and Andrew met in junior high, and remained close friends through high school and attended the same college! Timing is everything, and when these two reconnected a few years after college, they realized that they were perfect together :) Their gorgeous Chicago wedding started with a beautiful first look on top of the Dana […]

Bridget and Doug met in college at a sorority party, but it wasn’t until they were smooshed together in a cab ride that night (with many other friends) that they found each other close enough to have a conversation :) They ended up talking the rest of the night and the rest is history!! These […]