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Kristin and Mike met in college, and have been in love for over 10 years!! You can always tell how much a couple is adored by how many people cry during the ceremony haha, and let me just say, Kristin and Mike are WELL loved!!!! There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere in the Arboretum :) […]

Colleen and Michael met in college, he played basketball and she played volleyball so they were constantly around each other and one day sparks flew and they’ve been together ever since! :) These two are so delightful together – they love to have fun, joke, laugh, and are still so supportive loving and caring with […]

Where do I even start this blog post???? I babysat Michelle and her siblings once a week for more years that I can even remember, and watched them grow up right before my eyes!! Talk about emotions; watching this beautiful girl that I used to tell bedtime stories to – watching her now walk down […]

Jay said that the moment he met Caly he knew she was going to be his wife – a few gluten-free donuts and dates later, Caly knew as well! These two are the cutest – happy, joyful, and kind people. I remember at their engagement session last fall I was taking a picture of Caly […]

Dana and Stanley met in a biology class in college at Mizzou – Stanley knew right away that he was going to take Dana out on a date, and these two have been together ever since! Dana and Stanley both come from big families, and their wedding day was nothing short of a fantastic day […]