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Jessica and Matthew!! These two met at a Jewish dance in Chicago, and absolutely LOVE to joke around, laugh, and just enjoy life together :) They are total goofballs with each other and make everyone around them smile as well! Their beautiful wedding day was held at Ravinia Green Country in Riverwoods. From start to […]

Emily and Ryan!! These two cuties met AT a wedding in 2019, but their first real date was at one of Ryan’s favorite places in downtown St. Charles – The Beach Hut :) He knew that any girl he was going to seriously date would also need to like this unique and FUN atmosphere, so […]

Melissa and Sean!! These two cuties met at work, and they are are the most perfect ying and yang together!! I love how they are able to be silly together and fully laugh and just enjoy each other! Their beautiful wedding day was held at the Morton Arboretum, and every little detail was flawless :) […]

Amy and Ben!!! These two cuties met completely by chance at a bar in Wrigleyville on the same night that the Cubs won the world series!! Ben saw Amy from across the room and couldn’t get over how excited she was about the game and knew he had to meet her. During the rain delay, […]

Sue and George!! These two know how to make anyone feel instantly comfortable! They love to make each other laugh, and I love how much they truly enjoy each other’s company!! We had the best time exploring downtown St. Charles together a few weeks ago – I can’t wait for their wedding this coming winter, […]