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Naperville Riverwalk Engagement Photos, Naperville Engagement Photographer / Dana + Stanley


When Dana and Stan met each other in their college biology class at the University of Missouri, they both knew it was only a matter of time before they would start dating :) Stan proposed in Park City, Utah at sunset with the beautiful mountains behind them and all of their family along to celebrate. They currently live in St. Louis, but knew they wanted an engagement session in their home state. They chose downtown Naperville and the sunlit Naperville Riverwalk as the perfect setting for the two of them. I am in love with their outfit choices (Dana’s black and white dress is adorable!!), but even more in love with the genuine smiles, love, and adoration these two share for each other. I can’t wait for their wedding next July at Abbey Farms! Enjoy the pics!



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  1. Phil Hildebrandt says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos!

  2. Rachel Haney says:

    Oh Dana! Excellent choice on the photographer. She did a great job capturing just how awesome and sweet you two are. Can’t wait for the big day :)

  3. Kristin Anderson says:

    OMG these pictures are amazing! Can’t wait till the big day

  4. Linda Ann says:

    Stunning! My favorite is the black and white skirt where you are both sitting and smiling at the camera in case you’re looking for feedback BUT!!! They are all fantastic! Two beautiful people in love!

  5. Maddy Kamille says:

    Obsessed! These are so adorable:)

  6. Karla Feuerstein Keller says:

    A–MAZING! You are both gorgeous and the sheer joy on your faces doesn’t hurt!!!

  7. Corey says:

    Looking good future Mr and Mrs Ruchalski! The photos are amazing!

  8. Cindy Ruchalski says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of a spectacular couple. These photos have captured the essence of the love you have for each other! You found the perfect phtographer to memorialize your wedding day for you!

  9. Mary Lisa Castronovo Vale says:

    What Beautiful pictures! Looks like a shoot for Brides magazine! My favorite is the one where Dana is in her black and white skirt and they are both sitting on the bench looking at the camera too.

  10. Jack says:

    Great pictures Dana and Stan! You two are a great looking couple!

  11. Jackie Bowman Czuprynski says:

    They are absolutely beautiful – just stunning! Dana & Stan are just adorable! <3
    The black and white dress is perfect!

  12. Jen Mascoll says:

    I can’t get over how amazing each and every picture is! Dana, your outfits are stunning! Can’t wait for the big day!

  13. Joani Hribar says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! Outstanding capture of their love for each other ❤️

  14. Michele Sobrino says:

    Beautiful! They looke so happy! What a great venue for pictures!

  15. Carlene Hamrin says:

    You have many wonderful choices to choose from. My favorite is the one with you both on the park bench with the tree behind you.

  16. Bret Hildebrandt says:

    Fantastic photos! Slightly better than your engagement photographer’s work.. my iPhone could only do so much.

  17. Bret Hildebrandt says:

    Fantastic photos! Slightly better than your engagement photographer’s work.. my iPhone could only do so much.

  18. Stacy Hardin says:

    Wow!! These are such great photos of such a beautiful couple!! I always knew how photogenic Dana was, but Stanley you got it going on also!! Love you both so much and cannot wait for the big day!

  19. Jane Combs says:

    Stunning photos! Stunning Couple! And this is just the beginning! Wow!

  20. Jennifer Murray says:

    Beautiful photos, congratulations!

  21. Ethan Bixby says:

    awesome pics!

  22. Darcy Kearney says:

    Absolutely lovely pictures! So many fantastic shots, it is hard to choose my favorite. Beautiful photos!!

  23. Anna Fritz says:

    Such beautiful photos, love that they are in Illinois! Congratulations to you both!

  24. Anna Fritz says:

    Such beautiful photos, love that they are in Illinois! Congratulations to you both!

  25. Bret Smith says:

    You made great use of the Riverwalk…I really liked the bridge shots.

  26. Karla Keller says:

    Good luck Dana and Stan on trying to choose the best ones. They are all stunning!

  27. Carla Samuelson says:

    Genuine Love at its best! Congrats Dana and Stan! Kiuddos to the photographer for capturing the moment!

  28. Sarah Mueller says:

    The pictures turned out so good! Love your outfit! :)

  29. Randi says:

    These photos are amazing!! The photography work is art and the couple is beautiful! Can’t even begin to imagine their wedding photos.

  30. Vicki Mordell says:

    Fantastic photos of a beautiful couple! Great keepsakes! Love them!

  31. Karen Benson says:

    Love the pictures .. ????????????????????????????

  32. Jill Foster says:

    Very beautiful pictures. You guys look amazing.

  33. Lauren Ayala says:

    These are absoluetly stunning! I can’t even pick a favorite. So happy for you two!

  34. Susan Kelly says:

    Stunning! All of them. And the scenery is gorgeous too!

  35. Deanna Kant Feuerstein says:

    Wow, so many great photos. Good luck choosing some.

  36. Nancy says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Too many favorites to use just one. The locations are gorgeous!

  37. Cindy Kinsella says:

    Dana and Stan, Your pictures provide a lovely window into the wonderful life you will surely enjoy together! Many thanks for sharing them and All the Best to you both!! Dana, you’ve come a long way since Kindergarten, Baby :). Thank you for sharing your journey with us!