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Lisa and Ryan met through mutual friends at a birthday, and over the past 6 years have not only grown in their love for each other but also their strength as a couple as they’ve faced many of life’s highs and lows together and have come through it all stronger. These two are resilient, happy, […]

Amy and Jack met when they were freshmen in high school. Jack said that the moment he saw her, he thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, and he knew that he was going to marry her. So much so, that he saved a coke bottle from that night they met and […]

Lara and Roman are two of the sweetest, adventurous, and silliest people and are absolutely perfect together. We had such an amazing time with them last Saturday at their gorgeous Morton Arboretum wedding. We started with a first look in the Spruce Plot, and I just love how much these two make each other smile […]

When Mike first met Tia, he introduced himself and then kissed her on her cheek (way to pull out all the stops Mike!!). From there on out, they both ‘wooed’ each other and have continued wooing one another for the last 7 years :) We first met Tia and Mike 2 years ago while photographing […]

Kim and John first met as young 8 and 9 year old kids in a church play :) Fast forward 8 years, and they would ‘officially’ meet again on a missions trip in Mississippi. These two adventurers dated throughout high school and college, and got engaged the day of the Kentucky Derby, naturally having a […]